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Bringing Mamas Home

Bridgette Testino Paine

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Bridgette Paine is a 22-year-old mom who turned to direct selling to be home with her baby. She joined her company in January 2018 while her husband was deployed. One year later she has built a team that is doing more than $500,000 in monthly sales. Not only is Bridgette living the life she designed, working with people she loves; she was able to retire her husband when he came home from military deployment. Thanks to her home business, they no longer stress about bills and get to enjoy being a full-time family.—J. G.

Bridgette found out she was pregnant while in her sophomore year of college. She stayed on campus, finished up the semester, and then went home to have her baby. She continued taking online classes until her daughter Caroline was four months old. “Caroline started getting mobile very early,” says Bridgette, “which made it hard for me to sit down and study. I was on a track to become a High School math teacher.”

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