Rafael Cabán started working at his father’s store when he was only 13 years old. He quickly learned that, like his father, he wanted to be his own boss. Life took him through an intense journey of trials and tribulations. Today, at 29, Rafael Cabán has a growing network marketing team.—J.L.

Let’s go back in time. Where did it all start?
I was born in Puerto Rico, in the city of Aguadilla, also known as “The Garden of the Atlantic.” My father and my uncle owned several clothing and footwear businesses, and at age 13 years I started working with them. At 19, my dad gave me one of the stores to manage. Unfortunately, five years later (in 2013) my country was hit by a serious economic crisis that put me out of business and shattered my dreams. On top of that, losing my store affected my personal finances and I had to declare bankruptcy.