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Julio Llerena

Live Your Purpose

Manuel Wilkins

By Julio Llerena

After emigrating from Mexico to the US, Manuel Wilkins spent years looking for a chance to prove himself. He started out picking fruits in the field, then became truck driver and a construction worker, but none of those occupations allowed him to live his purpose: being a leader. Today, as a network marketing professional, he gets paid to use and grow his leadership skills.—J.L.

How did you start your new life in the US?
I was doing all I could to survive as an immigrant. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, I grew up in a humble family. My mother, Gloria, always taught me the importance of hard work, love, and respect. I moved to the United States in 2000 and settled in the city of Fresno. Back then, the only option available to me was to be a farm worker, so I started working in the fruit fields. Earning $350 per week, I was barely able to support my family. Then I worked as a truck driver and a construction worker, but the pay was always too low.

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