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Winners Never Quit

Sergio Contreras

By Julio Llerena

Born in El Salvador, Sergio Contreras carries the resilient spirit of a country where people need to get really creative to survive. A long time ago, you could find Sergio on a local fair in the city of San Salvador taking instant pictures for a dollar or two, and later he’d be selling clothes, food, or mastering decibels as a sound-man. That’s the off-road attitude he took to his networking career, and the results are worth of a man who believes success is non-negotiable. —J.L.

Tell us about yourself, Sergio.
I was born in El Salvador, the little “Tom Thumb” of Central America. We’re a small country full of dreamers, hard workers, and people who are always moving forward. For Salvadorians, if plan A doesn’t work, then it’s Plan B, and if this one fails too, we have all the letters of the alphabet! I’ve been like that since I was 18 years old, constantly looking how to generate income. And I’ve always found a way. Sometimes I did well, sometimes I did poorly, but I loved trying every crazy business that crossed my mind. I took instant photographs in fairs, sold clothes, sold food, you name it.

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