David at age 13 David at age 13

Born in Canada, David H. Gilmour is a world renowned businessman, serial entrepreneur, global philanthropist, and bestselling author of Start Up: Don’t Predict the Products of the Future. Create Them!

Founder of FIJI Water, David Gilmour successfully cultivated FIJI Water into the fastest growing premium beverage in the US in record-time. Since his entrepreneurial pursuits began some 60 years ago, Mr. Gilmour has raised 12 startups, from conception through success.

In 2011 he launched a collection of unique organic wellness products, hand-cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of the private island of Wakaya in Fiji, which he owns since 1973. A young octogenarian full of energy, Mr. Gilmour is a human treasure of wisdom and a living testimony to power of high quality nutrients for sustained health and longevity.—J.G.

How did your background prepare you for your extraordinary accomplishments?
Because I was sent to a new school during the chaos of the Second World War, my parents inadvertently made me jump two grades and I never really caught up. I excelled in things like history and English, but seemed dumbfounded by mathematics, because without the two-year background it made life pretty difficult for me. My father, I’m sure, thought he’d produced an idiot, even though I was pretty competent in some other things. He asked me one day would if I’d like to travel as part of my education. I said, “Absolutely.”