Dr. Luis and Evelia Arriaza are top producers in an established network marketing company based in San Diego. Leading an organization of over 160,000 people internationally from their home in Southern California, Dr. Luis and Evelia have developed a community they call the Spartan Culture, teaching everyday people how to master the “philosophy, art, and science” of network marketing. With over two decades of success as entrepreneurs, Dr. Luis and Evelia see their business as a ministry, helping people find their calling and live their God-given purpose.—J.G.

Tell us a little about your background.
Evelia: I was born in East Los Angeles to immigrant parents, who came to this country looking for opportunity. People think the immigrant dream is a big house with a white picket fence. It really isn’t. It’s a dream of possibility, hope, and change. My parents left their homeland Mexico to build a better future for my four brothers and two sisters. I came as the last of seven children, when my mother was 47 years old.