Antonio De Rosa is Chief Design Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing for a fast growing network marketing company specializing in technology and wellness. Antonio is also a visionary leader who applies creative genius and expert design skills to the innovative products he brings to market. Rather than following trends, he believes in driving change by listening to consumers’ needs and wants. After a very successful career in the IT sector, Antonio finds it refreshing to work in the network marketing business environment, because he now has direct contact with large numbers of product users who provide him with immediate unfiltered feedback. While criticism can be challenging, he loves how it keeps him on his toes and forces him to stay ahead of the curve.—J.G.

Where were you before you got into this business?
I was born in Italy, in the same village as our CEO Fabio Galdi. We’ve known each other forever and have been working together since age 17.

I’ve always wanted to be involved in design and marketing since I was a young boy. As a teenager I was designing graphics for videogames. At that time there wasn’t as much technology and software, so you needed to make everything by hand—or rather by mouse, pixel by pixel.