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Buy One, Give One
Sam Caster and Steve Burns are social entrepreneurs with a passion for helping children. After working in the network marketing space for two decades, they knew it was the perfect business model for Social Business 3.0, as it provides a platform and distribution system that allows all people to benefit. Sam and Steve's company calls its distributors Facilitators of Hope. In just one year, they have donated over 7 million daily servings of whole food nutrition to children in need. Their 10-year goal is to donate that much a day, thus resolving the global issue of malnourished children once and for all.

Adapt and Grow
Jeff Altgilbers has been a network marketing professional for almost four decades. Based in Tennessee, he runs a global team in 56 countries that collectively does $200 million of business a year. Jeff is also a musician and a songwriter. He met his life partner at a piano bar in Seoul. One secret to Jeff's success is his ability to adapt and change. He launched his first business running magazine ads. Today he uses Facebook advertisement to create targeted leads. At one point, Jeff even moved to the island of Guam for five years to better support his Asian team.

Fun, Freedom, Friendship
Austin Zulauf is a top achiever and trainer who has been the #1 income earner in three network marketing companies. He got started selling insurance door to door, then had his share of trials and learning experiences in a handful of network marketing opportunities. A seasoned sales trainer, he recognized the importance of structure and systems. He started his own training company working on the corporate side and with top leaders in direct selling. Today Austin focuses on teaching his own team how to build businesses leading with the three Fs—fun, freedom, and friendship.

Believe in Yourself
Originally from Mexico, Ada Caballero is a powerful leader of people who just reached the rank of Diamond in a growing international wellness company. Based in Southern California, she leads a growing team in the US, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Spain. Prior to her current success, Ada worked with six different companies, some of which she thrived and excelled in, while others made her wonder if network marketing was for her. Today she realizes that all her previous experiences were lessons that made her into who she has become.

It's Our Time
Based in Sacramento, California, Romacio Fulcher is Gen-X leader and top achiever who has earned several millions of dollars in network marketing in the last 10 years. Romacio believes the number one key to success is to find the best mentor who has what you want and become completely coachable. Doing just that, he recently joined his current company where he reached a top rank in just four months. Now his goal is to build an international team of one million people—100,000 people in 10 different countries—and create 100 millionaires over the next three years.

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Be Unforgettable
Jessie Lee Ward is an up-and-coming powerhouse leader in an established wellness company. After being burnt out on doing home parties in her previous company for over four years, she decided to build her new business entirely online. A year and a half later, Jessie Lee's daily Facebook Lives average 20,000 views. She has never done a home or hotel meeting, yet her team is moving multi-millions of dollars in volume each month.

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Belief, Consistency, and Hard Work
Albert Gyeke is a young leader from Ghana who came to the US to study and play basketball. When a sports career didn't seem to be the cards, he turned to academics and became a network marketing entrepreneur. After a short but steep learning curve, and despite many challenges, Albert began to see success and became a top achiever. Today his goal is to be a servant leader and help as many people as possible win, especially in Africa.

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Multiplying Success
Originally from Poland, Ela Whittaker is a US-based business coach and network marketing entrepreneur. When she became a mom. she left a fast-paced corporate career to build an international business from her phone and laptop. Through hard work, Ela quickly became a top achiever in a global makeup company. Today she leads a thriving team of women intent on "multiplying their success" with others.



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