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Tom Schreiter

Ellen Struber
The Importance of Customers
Garrett McGrath
What would happen if everyone on your team added three new customers every month? How much growth would you see? You, your team, your company, the regulators—everyone would be happy!
"How Do We Grow a Customer-Driven Business?"

Everyone knows customers are the lifeblood of any business. In network marketing, we often focus on recruiting business builders, at the expense of acquiring and retaining customers. It's one of the main reasons companies become the targets of regulators. So how do you get customers? And how do you keep them happy and buying? We invited business leaders to share their answers so we can all learn from each other:

  • Tom Schreiter, The Big “If” Statement That Sells
  • Ellen Struber, Above All Be a Friend
  • LeeAnne Hayden, Help People Feel Better
  • Eric Worre, Customers or Recruiting?
  • Dr. Doug Firebaugh, The 7 Values of a Customer
  • Jenny Rose Heartsong, Sell a Bright Future
  • Donna Valdes, Customers Are Waiting for You
  • Simon Chan, Support Your Customers
  • Todd Falcone, The Customer Is Always Right



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