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Dr. Josephine Gross

Fun, Freedom, Friendship

Austin Zulauf: Living a Truly Fulfilled Life

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Austin Zulauf is a top achiever and trainer who has been the #1 income earner in three network marketing companies. He got started selling insurance door to door, then had his share of trials and learning experiences in a handful of network marketing opportunities.

A seasoned sales trainer recognizing the importance of structure and systems, Austin started his own training company working on the corporate side and with top leaders on all aspects of the direct selling profession.

Today Austin focuses on teaching his own team how to build businesses leading with what he calls the three Fs—fun, freedom, and friendship.

“A millionaire in network marketing is someone with a million friends,” he says. “With close to 8 billion people on planet Earth, I feel I can find at least a million who will like me enough to call me a friend.”

Austin’s passion is to offer his friends a simple, proven SYSTEM—which stand for Save YourSelf Time, Energy, and Money—to compress time and experience the magic of residual income.—J.G.

A Farm Boy from Kentucky
I grew up on a farm in Edmonson County, Kentucky. I was related to virtually everybody in the county, so I didn’t have any problem socializing. Networking to me was like saying hello to my cousin at a family gathering. It came naturally.

After my family’s house burned down, I moved to the city when I was 12 and didn’t know anybody there, but I made friends quickly. Being adventurous, I got into trouble throughout my teenage years, but I decided to make a turn for the better when I was 19. I started my career in direct selling with an insurance company in 2002, two weeks after my 19th birthday.


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