Jeff Altgilbers has been a network marketing professional for almost four decades. Based in Tennessee, he runs a global team in 56 countries that collectively does $200 million of business a year.

One secret to Jeff’s success is his ability to adapt and change. He launched his business running magazine ads. Today he uses Facebook advertisement to create targeted leads. At one point, Jeff even moved to the island of Guam for five years to better support his Asian team.

Jeff is also a musician and a songwriter. He met his soulmate and life partner at a piano bar in Seoul. When they got married, he adopted her five-year-old son, and they have another son together.

“Network marketing is not all about the money and achieving success,” says Jeff. “It’s about creating relationships that change lives.”—J.G.

Tell us a little about your background.
Originally from Toledo, Ohio, I moved to Tennessee when I was 13. I still live there, in the Knoxville area out in the country right by the Great Smoky Mountains national park.

I started network marketing in 1978. My first company is still around and doing well today. I was introduced by a relative who asked me to buy a case of Aloe Vera juice. Keep in mind, this was pre-internet, pre-cellphones, pre-FedEx, pre-UPS, pre-computers.