Sam Caster and Steve Burns are social entrepreneurs with a passion for helping children. After several decades of working in the network marketing space, they recognized it as the perfect business model for Social Business 3.0, as it provides a platform and distribution system that allows all people to benefit.

Sam and Steve spent three years together in the trenches looking for technologies, developing products, and helping to put together the social business model, which they recently merged in with an existing network marketing company that had good infrastructure and a willingness to support a true Social Business 3.0 platform.

As a result, the company is seeing unprecedented growth in both its customer and membership base. It implemented a dual recognition system that rewards rank advancement as well as the ripple effect of each member’s contribution. Incentive trips allow qualifying members to visit orphanages and see the impact of their “ripple” firsthand.

The company Sam and Steve now work with sees its members as “Facilitators of Hope.” In just one year, they have donated over 7 million daily servings of whole food nutrition to children in need. Their 10-year goal is to donate that much a day, thus resolving the global issue of malnourished children once and for all.—J.G.