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Diamond at Age 23
Anahi Borbolla is a young network marketing leader from Mexico who travels the world inspiring people to live their dreams. She grew up with her mom and brother amidst meetings, events, and product demonstrations; as well as leadership, dreams, and a mindset that thinks “Everything is possible!” Today she delights in sharing her trials and tribulations, as well as her success secrets, with anyone intent on creating a life of greater freedom and prosperity. Her story was translated from Spanish. We kept it in the first person to render her voice and youthful enthusiasm as authentically as possible.

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Focus on Customers
In 2013, Travis Martin, Derek Bailey, Sean Gibson, and David Brown got together in Utah to launch a new network marketing company. Familiar with the business model and having experienced different degrees of success in it, they also saw some flaws and set out to fix what wasn’t working. Today they love what they have created and where they are going. Their message to network marketers is, “If your motivation is to be of service, and you are armed with a good product and a company with integrity, you can make great money and build a sustainable business.”

Lead with Love
Donna Johnson and Thomas Tidlund are an iconic couple in the network marketing space. Donna has been a top earner with her U.S.-based company for 30 years. Originally from Sweden, Thomas is a successful leader in a Scandinavia-based company. A question they are often asked is, “How can you be married and build different companies?” For Donna and Thomas, the answer is simple: they hold the highest respect for each other’s businesses; they have an abundance mindset and don’t cross-recruit or cross-sell between their respective companies; and they put their relationship first.

The Perfect Recruit
After being business partners for several years, Angel Fletcher and Ryan Higgins recently decided to become life partners and continue their journey as a couple. When Angel met Ryan, he was a product user in her company and owned a traditional business. Seeing the time freedom and income potential of network marketing, Ryan followed Angel’s overtures to become a network marketing professional and eventually decided to give the opportunity his full focus. Today Angel and Ryan are building a customer-driven business with a global team from their home in Louisiana.

Partners in Trust
Both veteran network marketing professionals, John Haremza and Ted Wilson recently partnered in an opportunity they consider the final episode in their almost three-decade careers. They chose each other and their company based on genuine enjoyment of working together for a common cause. They reveal their success secrets and strategies to help the next generation of leaders.

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Welcome to Indonesia!
The world’s 4th most populous country, Indonesia counts millions of young entrepreneurs hungry for opportunity. Indra Purba and Priscilla Kaurow are two of them, and their growing team counts many thousands more. Indra and Priscilla couldn’t be more grateful to have found network marketing when they were destitute, jobless, and without hope. Today they lead a thriving organization based on a culture of love, respect, and partnership.

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Blowing Off the Lid
In 2005, Jennifer Maret Moran was a sales rep for a biotech startup. She enjoyed stock options, so her plan was to cash out in four years, as she really wanted to stay home with her three young kids. Today Jennifer is a top earner in a young wellness company. Having been a network marketing professional for almost 12 years, she knows what works and what’s possible. She considers building belief in yourself as the number one key to success.

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Finding Gratitude Gems
Phebe Trotman is a network marketing professional who leads a growing team from her home in British Columbia. She has been her company’s Top International Customer Sponsor (2011), Trainer of the Year (2014), and Distributor of the Year—Runner Up (2016). Phebe attributes her success to “an incredible team of business partners” and a team culture fueled by the power of appreciation.



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