Donna Johnson and Thomas Tidlund are an iconic couple in the network marketing space. Donna has been a top earner with her U.S.-based company for 30 years. Originally from Sweden, Thomas is a successful leader in a Scandinavia-based company. A question they are often asked is, “How can you be married and build different companies?”

For Donna and Thomas, the answer is simple. They hold the highest respect for each other’s businesses. They have an abundance mindset and don’t cross-recruit or cross-sell between their respective companies. They put their relationship first and always support each other.

“To really thrive in a relationship,” says Thomas, “you need to have a foundation of love, integrity, mutual respect, and trust. Both Donna and I lead with love unconditionally, and speak the truth in good and difficult times. This can be uncomfortable and even scary, but for us it’s the essence of growth.

“One of the biggest advantages with partnerships like ours is that when you live, teach, and preach your principles, you always have an accountability partner. We both appreciate this, because we firmly believe in striving to do things right—ethically and in practice—100 percent of the time.”—J.G.