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Dr. Josephine Gross Dr. Josephine Gross

Kimmy Brooke

Debi Granite
To Love Is to Grow
Dr. Josephine Gross
When going about your business, actively seek joyful, loving, and fulfilling experiences that stimulate growth and help you stay connected to your highest vision for yourself and your team. May 2017 be your best year yet!
"How do you love what you do—even when facing challenges?"
Every business builder agrees, "Loving what you do" is paramount in creating growth and attracting others. In this column we asked network marketing leaders, "What are some of the coping mechanisms that have worked for you, or daily habits that keep you in good spirits throughout the ups and downs of building your business?" Here is what they said:
  • Kimmy Brooke, Dirt in Your Ears
  • Debi Granite, The Struggle Is Real
  • Adewale Adebusoye, Action Steps for Tough Times
  • Nichele Robinson, A Vision Bigger Than Yourself
  • Rob Sperry, Love Conquers All Fear
  • Denice Chenault, Progress, Not Perfection
  • Jeffery Coombs, The Inner Game
  • Jennie Potter, Soak Up the Sun and the Rain
  • Pamela Barnum, Rekindle Your Passion
  • Dr. Doug Firebaugh, Love Is Power
  • Jackie Christiansen, Mindset and Preparation



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