Angela Maresca is a top-100 earner in a billion-dollar network marketing company she joined in January 2013. Initially looking to lose weight, she shared her product story with others, and eight months later, she had built a solid six-figure yearly income for her family. 

A year into the business, Angela achieved a top leadership rank in her company and spoke at her company convention in front of 4,000 people. A few months later, she retired her husband and was recognized as her company’s #1 enroller.

Angela attributes her meteoric rise to success to the work ethic she inherited from her immigrant family, her love of helping people, and the “golden opportunity” her company offers. —J.G.

Angela Maresca grew up in an immigrant household in Brooklyn, New York to two young parents from Lvov, Ukraine. They came to America in 1974 for a better life and greater opportunities than were available to them in the former USSR...