Before network marketing, Kanesha Morrison was a stay-at-home mom who had tried her hand at little startups without much success. Since age 16 she knew she was an entrepreneur at heart. She also needed to be part of a community of likeminded people to persevere in the face of numerous challenges.

When Kanesha came across a “Work from Home” ad on Craigslist, she was intrigued and started dabbling in a few network marketing companies. It wasn’t until she met her current upline, Amber Voight, that she understood she had to overcome some deep-rooted limiting beliefs before she could create the life she desired.

Kanesha committed and went to work on herself. With lots of patience and encouragement she assembled a small team using Facebook and local networking. Today she has reached an advanced rank in her company and is well on her way to the top, while inspiring and helping other moms and families to attain a level of time and financial freedom they never dreamt was possible.