Born and based near Berlin, Germany, Erik Muenchmeyer is an international network marketing leader with teams on all five continents. Erik got started in the mid-90s, but his first company went out of business after a couple of months. This and numerous other challenges caused him to almost give up on the profession, but he kept his eye on the vision that was born the first time he heard about passive income and financial freedom. His search for a better way led him to an established health and wellness company in the early 2000s. After many defeats and several years of learning, the success he had envisioned finally came. Over the next 14 years, he built organizations with more than 100.000 consultants moving huge volumes of sales. More learning experiences ensued, and he went back to searching the market for an opportunity he could call “home.” In 2013 Erik founded United Global Team, which quickly became the fastest growing organization in his company. Erik’s goal is to have over 1 million customers within the next five years. Erik and his leaders are dedicated to helping others succeed by providing them with online recruiting systems, multilingual training tools and support, and live events around the world.—J.G.