Last October in Las Vegas we saw the largest generic training event in the history of network marketing to date. Eric and Marina Worre’s Recruiting Mastery 2015 gathered 8,000 eager entrepreneurs from 85 countries and 173 companies, who came together to learn from the biggest leaders and top earners in the profession.

On Thursday morning prosperity guru and thought leader Bob Proctor taught the audience how to recondition the mind for creating the results we desire, showing that everything we want, or don’t want, is merely a few thoughts away at all times.

That evening, bestselling author and financial forecaster Robert Kiyosaki warned against the biggest crash in the economy that’s yet to come, and how small business owners are perfectly positioned not only to protect themselves, but even to thrive in times of economic uncertainty.

With each passing day and every unfolding session, the energy in the room seemed to rise to new and unparalleled levels of excitement. Friday night appeared to be the ultimate highlight of the weekend, with Tony Robbins delivering a two-hour training on how to elevate your state so you feel unstoppable and magnetically attract people and business.

However, what happened Saturday afternoon blew the lid off many people’s minds, as they witnessed a turn of events that could only have been orchestrated by an invisible hand that knows no limits.

Shortly after keynote speaker and bestselling author Jordan Adler took the stage, he proceeded to auction off a signed $100 bill to the highest bidder. The winner turned out to be a serial entrepreneur and student of personal development, who up till then had been quietly taking notes from his seat in the VIP section.

His name is David Martin, and his outrageous act of bravery and unbridled generosity transformed the crowd, inspiring individuals to go out and earn more so they could contribute to the degree he did.

Read on for a detailed description of the event, followed by a conversation between Jordan and David as they look back and try to capture in words some of the magic that occurred, some lessons gleaned, and some visions that are crystalizing.—Dr. Josephine Gross