Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher, Zen Buddhist priest and scholar, a teacher of spiritual philosophies of the East and the West, and a consultant to international business leaders and organizations. Yasuhiko has a unique ability to integrate Western scientific thought with intuitive Eastern spiritual insight to bring about radical and lasting transformation. Through his Zen-like, Socratic method of inquiry and dialogue, he awakens the highest level of creativity in people, which leads to effective action and breakthrough results.

In 2003 Yasuhiko established Vision-In-Action, a sapient circle of thought leaders that develops and implements creative, innovative, and transformative approaches to global challenges that open a new evolutionary pathway for humanity. In 2005, he further established the Vision-In-Action Leadership Institute to develop spiritually awake, intellectually sovereign, and emotionally mature business leaders.

Yasuhiko believes that networks will be central to the future of business because of their design for creating synergy. He points to humanity’s need for a transcultural approach, which is based on “alignment beyond agreement.” In the old paradigm, humans are unable to work together when they don’t agree or share the same opinions. However, agreement is not necessary for collaboration or synergy. What we need is alignment, which means sharing the same intention. In transcultural networks, synergy happens in the most powerful ways when individuals align in intention, while being empowered to think creatively and act autonomously.—J.G.