Born and raised in Illinois, Dr. Steven Hryszczuk is an American anesthesiologist who is currently living in rural Honduras where he volunteers his services at a Christian mission hospital. Responding to a need, Steve moved there in January 2015 with his wife and four young children.

How was he able to pull this off financially? It all started in 2007, when he felt trapped in a job he loved, but that was stealing all his time away from his family. Some weeks it felt like he was living at the hospital, and he missed his kids. He knew he would have regrets if he didn’t make some changes.

He prayed for a solution that would allow him to provide for his family without trading all his time for money. When a friend shared a business opportunity with Steve, he resisted at first, but quickly network marketing started to make sense.

Steve made a plan, dedicated himself, and three years later, in 2010, he had created a significant recurring income stream. Today, being financially independent allows him to go wherever life calls him. He now considers it a privilege to show others how to follow in his footsteps.