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Dr. Josephine Gross

The Universe Provides

Lisa DeMayo: Monitor Your Mindset

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Lisa DeMayo is a master trainer and top earner in one of the leading 2015 Global-100 direct selling companies. From her home in New Jersey, Lisa leads a fast-growing organization spanning six countries on four continents.

Lisa became a network marketing multi-millionaire while raising her three children. Trained as a life, leadership, and executive coach, she joined network marketing in 2005 because she was “tired of the rat race.” Leveraging her strong leadership and people skills, she quickly rank-advanced in her company, but her success didn’t come without hard work.

In 2013 Lisa published her first book titled The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Cultivate the Happiness, Health and Wealth You Desire, inspiring solo-preneurs all over the world to reach for their dreams. Another one of Lisa’s passions is to help others develop self-love, self-reliance, and an abundance mindset...

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