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Rita Davenport
Rita Davenport

Sonia Stringer
Sonia Stringer

Once Upon a Time...
Rita Davenport
Success often starts with a good story that paints a picture which results in modifying behavior.

Networking University
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WORD OF WISDOMSubscriber Only
About Storytelling in Business
Memorable quotes by Arianna Huffington, Dan Pink, Seth Godin, and others.

OUR TIMESSubscriber Only
How did you become a master storyteller?
Marissa McDonough, Use Stories to Handle Objections
Frank Keefer, Stick to the Truth, Come from the Heart
Stephanie Davis, The Richer Your Stories, the Bigger Your Wallet
Jackie Ulmer, Share Your Stories to Build Your Online Brand
Wes Linden, Bring People Together with Relatable Stories
Presley Swagerty, Facts Tell, Stories Sell
Margie Aliprandi, Connecting Mind to Heart
Susan Sly, The Greatest Storyteller in the Room
Sarah Robbins, How to Share Your Story on Social Media
Jordan Adler, Nine Traits for a Memorable Story
Richard Brooke, Expect Them to Win


Discover Your Unmet Needs
Sonia Stringer
Why knowing your personal needs can dramatically accelerate your success and make life balance easier to come by.

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