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Dr. Josephine Gross
Dr. Josephine Gross

Dr. Charles W. King
Dr. Charles W. King

Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown

Capitalism 24902
Dr. Josephine Gross
Richard Bransonís vision of Capitalism 24902 calls business owners to look beyond profit and assume responsibility for people and planet.

Networking University
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Words of Wisdom

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Are Network Marketers Social Entrepreneurs?
Tony and Randi Escobar, The Privilege of Serving Others
Ana Garcia, Change Your Mind, Change the World
Denny and Merlie Kluver, Multilevel Benefits
Marijke Long, A Sanctuary in the Jungle
Jordan Adler, Let the Money Flow
Megan and Anthony Wolfenden, Service Breeds Happiness
Sarah Fairless Robbins, Changing Lives Beyond Our Own
Billy Looper, My First Bike
Cecilia Stoll, Influence with Purpose
Donna Johnson, Give and Grow Rich
Leah Wagner Leonard, Teaching People How to Fish
Marion Culhane, The Call of Social Entrepreneurism
Carolyne Rodrigues, Grateful for My Why
Ron and Lois Zehr, We Are Change Agents
Bob Quintana, The Most Fulfilling Profession
David Frey, Five Lessons in Social Entrepreneurship
Dana Wilde, Start Small Fatemi Ghani, Helping Blind Children
Caroline McFarlan, A Better Way to Fundraise


Look Me in the Eyes
Marvin Brown
This article outlines seven simple ways of using body language to instill trust in business settings.

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