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Randy Gage
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Randy Gage

Dan Catto & Joe Garcia
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Dan & Joe

Rachel Jackson
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Rachel Jackson

Mert & Elcin
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Mert & Elcin Yildiz

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Think and Grow Rich in the New World
In our May/Jun 2009 issue, Randy Gage talked about the state of the network marketing profession. In the Sept/Oct 2011 issue on writing, we featured him as one of the most well-known authors of training materials in the networking world. What prompted his return this issue is the release of Risky Is the New Safe, a tour de force that takes its readers on a wild journey into a bizarre, technologically mind-boggling future which he believes heralds the Golden Age of network marketing.

A World Unbound
Dan Catto and Joe Garcia are business partners who lead a network marketing mega-team of more than 850,000 distributors spanning all five continents. Both based in Toronto, Dan got started in 1988 and Joe joined him in 1993. What's unusual about their story is that only 5 percent of their network is in North America, while the other 95 percent is mostly in what they call the 'emerging markets.' Dan and Joe have business and training infrastructures in well over thirty countries, where they are revered by their teams as messiahs of free enterprise. They have helped hundreds of people earn seven-figure incomes in regions where the average monthly income is about $300.

Focus on Family
Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Rachel Jackson was twenty-one when she first became involved in network marketing six years ago. Since then, she has become the youngest female top earner in her company, a feat she accomplished in about one year. Rachel considers herself a 'six-year overnight success' because, she says, in her first company she learned that her personal development and skills determined her success. This gave her an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement, and she duplicated this mindset in her rapidly growing team.

A Never-Ending Education
Mert Yildiz and Elcin Yildiz are a highly educated brother - and - sister team who took over their parents' network marketing business in 2009. Raised and residing in Istanbul, they quickly became the top earners for their company in Turkey. Mert and Elcin got acquainted with network marketing at an early age, sitting in the back of conference rooms and watching their parents give seminars or hold meetings. When the time came to choose a career path, both siblings decided network marketing would give them the best chance at creating a lifestyle of freedom and contribution.

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