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Tom Ziglar
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Zig & Tom Ziglar

Rita Davenport
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Rita Davenport

Michael Ferreira
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Michael Ferreira

Val Wolfdenden and Helen Newham
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Val Wolfenden and Helen Newham

Billy Looper
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Billy Looper

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A Legacy of Hope and Encouragement
There is perhaps no name more synonymous with the concept of "success" than Zig Ziglar, the self-made best-selling author and motivator of millions. Ziglar's story is the stuff of legend—but the legend we know is only chapter one. With Ziglar Senior having just passed his eighty-fifth birthday, how does Ziglar 2.0 unfold in the years to come? For this story it seemed appropriate, rather than speaking directly with the man himself, to speak instead with his son, Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, giving us an opportunity to see legacy in action.

Carrying the Light
When Rita Davenport became involved with network marketing about a quarter-century ago, she already had a successful career, including her own television talk show of fifteen years running. She had authored several books and highly successful infomercials selling her cassette program, Laugh Your Way to Success. And she was an enormously busy public speaker. But she decided to join a small personal care company and became the top earner in less than a year. Not long after that, she became the company’s corporate president, a role she held for two decades until her retirement from that post in 2011. In the process she also has become one of the best-known and most-beloved figures in network marketing.

The Bombay Tiger
Michael Ferreira is a youthful septuagenarian from Mumbai, India, who started his network marketing business at age sixty-seven. Trained as a lawyer, Michael is also an outstanding player of English billiards, having won three world amateur and one World Open championship. In 2005, when a total stranger introduced him to network marketing, Michael had no idea his quiet existence as a retired world champion would be turned completely upside-down. Today, he heads up one of his company’s fastest-growing organizations, with close to a half a million people in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The Adventure of a Lifetime
Val Wolfenden and Helen Newham are best friends and business partners who have been living together in Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia, for over thirty years. In 2005 they came out of retirement to start building a new network marketing business. Today, less than six years later, they have a thriving global business and have earned their company’s 2011 Top Australian Distributorship of the Year award. Val and Helen attribute their success to the many lessons they learned in the three decades preceding their current business venture. Their guiding principle is to offer the network marketing business to men and women of all nationalities and all ages.

The Value of Residual Income
Six years ago, Billy Looper started a network marketing business parallel to his real estate business in South Florida. Fascinated with the concept of leverage, he was able to communicate this unique benefit to spark other entrepreneurial minds. Being a coach for his softball team, he knew how to teach people and hold them accountable. This gift, combined with excellent mentorship from his sponsor, allowed Billy and his team to rapidly grow a large international organization. Today Billy enjoys a lifestyle he wants many more people to experience, and a level of prosperity that allows him to give from the overflow.

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