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Kathy Cloninger
Lead Story:
Kathy Cloninger, CEO Girl Scouts of the USA

Margaret Trost
Heart of Business:
Margaret Trost

John Haremza
Master Networker:
John Haremza

Al Bala
Master Networker:
Al Bala

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Learning Leadership from Cookies
Selling Girl Scout cookies is how many women get started on their entrepreneurial path, as they learn prospecting, people skills, business ethics and giving back, as well as leadership and community building. Kathy Cloninger, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, shared a set of statistics that blew our minds: at any given point in US history over the past half-century, about 10 percent of girls in the population are in the Girl Scouts; yet among the population of women business owners, some 70 percent have been Girl Scouts. When Kathy started at her current post in 2003, she launched a sweeping transformation of the Girl Scout movement, intent on reshaping the venerable institution into a powerful leadership force for the twenty-first century.

Little by Little, We Will Arrive - Part Two
This January, when we heard the news of the massive earthquake that had hit Haiti, we immediately thought of Margaret Trost, network marketing leader and founder of the What If? Foundation, featured in our Heart of Business story in December 2002. Margaret started her non-profit in January of 2000, after she visited the tiny island country for the first time on a mission to see if, through the effort of helping others, she could heal her own heartache. Over the past decade, the foundation has changed many lives and today is focused not only on immediate relief efforts but also on helping to rebuild in a sustainable way.

Small Steps to the Top
John Haremza is a highly functional networking professional who comes with one surprising flaw: he can't read. Far from letting this inability limit his future, John learned early on to compensate for his weakness by sharpening his observation and listening skills. Despite what most people would consider a significant handicap, John was able to rapidly learn the skill set and the mindset necessary to excel at network marketing. Six years ago, he became the master distributor for a start-up company, and for the past four years he has enjoyed a steady six-figure monthly income.

The Power of Unity
Alfredo Bala is a first-generation immigrant of Portuguese origin who came to the US looking for the American dream. As a teenager, he worked a minimum-wage job while learning English and going to school. His plan was to get an education and climb the corporate ladder, but his whole perspective changed the day he discovered network marketing, almost thirty years ago. Over the years, Al has evolved from being strictly a distributor, to partnering with the top leaders of his first company in launching international markets, to becoming an executive in charge of international expansion for a publicly traded wellness company.

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