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May/Jun 2009    
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Lead Story:
"Network Marketing Is..."

Randy Gage
NT Interview:
Randy Gage

Judy O'Higgins
Master Networker:
Judy O'Higgins

Rosie Bank
Master Networker:
Rosie Bank

Lynn and Richard Huber
Rising Star:
Lynn and Richard

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“Network Marketing Is ... ”
Last fall, while the economy took a hit, network marketing corporations posted some of the highest sales figures in their history. As millions of people saw their savings evaporate and stock portfolios disintegrate, network marketers worldwide were quietly taking stock of their businesses, asking, “Are we okay?” For this issue, we assembled a panel of American thought leaders to give us their thoughts on the state of the profession. The consensus: our current economic woes may well bring about a historic upsurge in the popularity of network marketing.

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The Golden Age of Network Marketing
Randy Gage is one of the most well-known names in the networking business. From his early training and generic prospecting materials to his books and online “Randy’s Rants” newsletter, Gage has been a peripatetic presence in our profession for the past two decades. On January first, Randy launched into the online atmosphere a publication entitled The MLM Revolution: A Manifesto. A few months later we asked Randy what his manifesto has to say, what kind of impact it’s having, and what he sees for the future of the profession.

License to Retire
Judy O’Higgins was a counselor specializing in women’s issues when she discovered network marketing. She loved her career but didn’t want to continue it into her old age. She was looking for a way to diversify her income when a friend offered her a network marketing opportunity. Judy started building a business part-time, but her company went out of business. She eventually found a product that allowed her to touch lives much in the way she did in her counseling practice.

Playing Big
Rosie Bank has been a healer and educator for over thirty years. Having been with her network marketing company for over ten years, she is passionate about her work and its transformative potential. When Rosie got involved in the business, her problems were great and her vision was small. Now this ratio has reversed, because she changed her habits of mind, turning her attention away from her problems and onto whatever alternatives she could create.

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The Slight Edge
When Lynn and Richard Huber started a home-based business seven years ago, they had no intention of building it big. They both had corporate jobs and didn’t need the money. They also had a square dance website with a huge online community. To help defray the maintenance costs, they decided to start a direct selling business. Soon they had earned enough to not only amortize their web costs but also buy a new car.

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