Having a conversation with Rosie Bank is like talking to an old friend. Now in her mid-fifties, she has been a healer and educator for over thirty years. She has been with her network marketing company for a little over ten years, and she is passionate about her work and its transformative potential.

“People often come to network marketing because someone offered them a way to solve their problems,” says Rosie. “As they join a culture of leadership and embark on their own journey of personal growth, they start leaning into new possibilities and stop focusing on their problems. They entrain to the vibrations of the new culture and rediscover their dreams and purpose.”

When Rosie got involved in the business, her problems were great and her vision was small. Now this ratio has reversed. The way she got here was through changing her habits of mind, turning her attention away from her problems and onto whatever alternatives she could create.

“Success in network marketing is based on a formula that has a transpersonal dimension,” says Rosie. “Now that I’ve gone through the growth process myself, I am able to help others because I’m no longer focused on my own needs. Getting to this point is so exhilarating that it’s worth all the efforts along the journey.

“Once you’re fully committed to serving others, you no longer get bogged down by any kind of negativity or belief in scarcity. To play in the major leagues in this business requires a determination to stay positive, regardless of the circumstances. This is the best recipe for happiness and freedom, in good times as in bad.”

Getting Involved

Rosie fell in love with body work and yoga when she was in college. She trained extensively in body therapy, and went through all the certification levels at the Rolf Institute. Her yoga career took her around the world, including a life-changing six months in India to learn directly from Iyengar.

Rosie was a full-time bodyworker for almost thirty years and wrote a book called Bodies, Health and Consciousness.

“It was a fabulous career,” says Rosie. “I blended Rolfing and yoga, a match made in heaven.”

One day she was presenting at a bodywork symposium in southern California, together with a Rolfing colleague, Will, who approached her about network marketing. She stared him in the eye and said, “Go away! I promise I will never do this.”

“My initial reaction was downright arrogant,” Rosie recalls. “Then I found some very specific reasons to change my mind. I trusted Will. He had what I didn’t have, which was continuous cash flow. I was making a great income Rolfing, but it was 100 percent linear.”

Rosie knew a lot of people who were making money through network marketing. Being a former network marketing casualty, she had a...