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Mar/Apr 2009    
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Chris Warner and Don Schmincke
Lead Story:
Chris Warner
and Don Schmincke

Donna Johnson, Marilyn and Sarah Stewart and Carolyn Wightman
NT Interview:
Donna Johnson, Marilyn and Sarah Stewart and Carolyn Wightman

Barbara Beaty
Master Networker:
Dr. Barbara Beaty

Dr. Tim Berry and Julie Mirr
Master Networker:
Dr. Tim Berry
and Julie Mirr

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
Leadership at 26,400 Feet
Chris Warner is a world-class climber and also a successful entrepreneur. His Earth Treks chain of climbing centers serves over 100,000 customers annually. Don Schmincke is a scientist and renegade management specialist whose provocative teachings bring together such diverse disciplines as anthropology, organizational dynamics and genetic evolution. Chris and Don met on an expedition and hit it off immediately, around the question, “What does mountain-climbing reveal about genuine leadership?”

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What Creates Leadership?
Donna Johnson, Carolyn Wightman, Marilyn Stewart and her daughter Sarah Stewart all share three things in common: they are all women; they are all widely respected networking leaders; and they are all passionate about leadership. As we listened to their stories, we got a strong sense that each of them, from an early age, had an idea of who they were and where they were going in the world. Did they start out that way, or did this quality develop over time and circumstance, with the patient nurturing and guidance of a mentor? The answer was: both!

A Family Affair
Dr. Barbara Beaty was a nutritional counselor and teacher when one day a former client handed her a catalog and asked her to evaluate some health and wellness products. After trying the products and loving them, Barbara naturally started sharing them with others, but she felt almost embarrassed to mention the business opportunity. She overcame her resistance to network marketing by educating herself about the profession and went on to build a large organization.

The Power of Duplication
According to business partners Dr. Tim Berry and Julie Mirr, to build a successful network marketing business you need a system consisting of a few simple actions that can be repeated consistently by a large number of people over a continuous period of time. Both successful professionals in their previous careers, today Tim and Julie run a large international organization, allowing them to travel the world, spend more time with their families and serve their local communities.

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