Dr. Tim Berry and Julie Mirr
Dr. Tim Berry, Julie Mirr

The secret to building a successful network marketing business is to have a system consisting of a few simple actions that can be repeated consistently by a large number of people over a continuous period of time. Business partners Tim Berry and Julie Mirr learned this lesson from Randy Gage and really took it to heart. Both successful professionals in their previous careers, today Tim and Julie run a large international organization, allowing them to travel the world, spend more time with their families and serve their local communities.

Finding Network Marketing

Julie was working as a litigation paralegal in Englewood, Colorado when she first encountered network marketing. She was looking for a way to free herself from the time constraints and stress of working for a law firm.

“I was at a place in my life where I was burned out,” she recalls. “My income was capped; I had three little children at home and no longer wanted to work in a nine-to-five job. The day my neighbor introduced me to the business, in December 1994, I didn’t even know what network marketing was, but after seeing it I realized that it was everything I had been looking for: it was a way to replace and grow my income and have time flexibility as a parent. I also loved the fact that you could choose who you were going to work with.”

After Julie replaced her income, her business also became an exit strategy for her husband, who was working as a real estate attorney.

Dr. Tim Berry and his wife both had busy medical practices in Tennessee when they discovered network marketing,

“We were working really hard,” says Tim, “and I knew I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life, so I started looking at other options.”

Initially, he looked at traditional businesses and even started several, but each one added more responsibility, stress and employee headaches. He realized there had to be a better way, but he didn’t know what it could be.

“I actually got introduced to the business by...