Barbara Beaty
Dr. Barbara Beaty

Barbara Beaty was teaching high school health in Palm Springs, California when she joined her network marketing company. With a Ph.D. in nutrition, she had been a nutritional counselor prior to being a teacher. One day, a former client who happened to substitute at the same high school handed Barbara a catalog and asked her to evaluate some health and wellness products.

“I was intrigued because health and wellness was my passion,” says Barbara. “I tried the products and loved them, and naturally started telling others about them.”

Barbara was immediately comfortable with sharing the product, but she felt almost embarrassed to mention the opportunity. In order to overcome her initial resistance to network marketing, she chose to educate herself about the business. What she learned completely changed her mindset, and she eventually went on to create a large organization.

Inspired by Barbara’s new lifestyle, her daughter and daughter-in-law joined in her success and the business became a family affair.

According to Barbara, network marketing is a never-ending learning experience, and anyone who is willing to grow will succeed.

“Another key to success,” she says, “is that you have to