Ken Dunn

Ken Dunn was a Canadian police officer when he got involved in network marketing.

“I spent fifteen years in investigative policing,” says Ken “a career I started at the age of eighteen. I was on a SWAT team and a surveillance team. I did undercover drug work, crime scene and homicide investigation. My friends used to call me the ‘as seen on TV’ cop.”

Everything changed when Ken’s son was born. Ken had always been an entrepreneur at heart and started looking for ways to create additional income. Little did he know that his journey in network marketing would also lead him to examine his character and evaluate his relationships.

“One of my mentors told me that if you want to become a millionaire in network marketing, you have to build a million friendships, and the rest happens on its own.”

Ken took this advice to heart: just five years into his networking career, he has made close to $4 million dollars. He recently wrote a book and started a training company to teach people the “Secrets of Simplicity” that helped him become the natural networker he is today.