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Marianne Williamson
Lead Story:
Marianne Williamson

Ken Dychtwald
NT Interview:
Ken Dychtwald

Mark Fournier
The Heart of Business:
Mark Fournier

Christa Way and Michael Jude
Master Networker:
Christa Way and
Michael Jude

Darrell Utterbach
Master Networker:
Darrell Utterbach

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Embracing the New Midlife
Marianne Williamson is one of the world's most widely acclaimed chroniclers of the human spirit. In her latest book, The Age of Miracles, she explores different ways to rethink the new period of life we call midlife. "Sometimes what we appear to have lost is simply something it was time to leave behind," she says. She encourages us to take a stand against the ego's interpretation of age. "It's not that we don't accept the limits of age; it's that we embrace the limitlessness of God."

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The Dean of Middlescence
When it comes to the social impact of aging and the demographics of the baby boom, there is no name more authoritative than Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. A psychologist, gerontologist and entrepreneur, Ken is the best-selling author of Age Wave and more than a dozen other titles. Ken coined the term "middlescence" and describes this new period of life as a time of continued vitality with an appetite for new beginnings and personal reinvention.

From Parenting to Networking
Mark Fournier is founder of the Center for Empowerment and creator of the Empowerful program series. Growing up in a family of networkers, he gained a tremendous insight into the networking profession and discovered many parallels with the job of parenting. Today he has created an empowerment program for the networking community called Empowerful Networking, furthering his life mission "to inspire and empower people to lead meaningful lives of passion and purpose."

Transforming Our World
Michael Jude and Christa Way form a very successful husband-and-wife team. He is an economist from the Washington, D.C. area; she is a nutritionist from Australia. After retiring from the corporate world in the mid-eighties, Michael met Christa while traveling in New Zealand. Together they moved to Colorado and got involved in network marketing. They built an extraordinary organization, applying the universal laws they had learned on their spiritual quests in earlier years.

A Journey of Personal Growth
Darrell Utterbach knew he was an entrepreneur at a very early age. In his early teens he figured out that school wasn't going to provide him with the kind of knowledge he needed to achieve his goals. In his twenties he gobbled up every book he could find about how to create success. Today he teaches others to be voracious students of whatever it is they want to achieve and to practice servant leadership.

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