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Gregg Braden
Lead Story:
Gregg Braden

Laura Alden Kamm
NT Interview:
Laura Alden Kamm

The Heart of Business:
Rev. Robert Sirico

Ana McClellan
Master Networker:
Ana McClellan

Frank Keefer
Master Networker:
Frank Keefer

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Humanity at a Crossroads
Gregg Braden is widely known as a pioneer in bridging the worlds of science and spirituality. He has always had the belief that when we study chemistry and physics, we’re learning about the nuts and bolts of how God works in the world. Gregg has spent the past twenty years exploring connections between the cutting edge of quantum science and the core of ancient spiritual traditions. He spoke with us about how today’s world is at a crossroads in perspective, and how network marketing reflects that shift.

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Intuition in Business
Laura Alden Kamm is an intuitive healer and teacher who is able to perceive the energetic structure of any object, person or thought, thus gaining perspective on its past, present and future. Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Laura believes that our intuitive voice can be a tremendous gift to transform our businesses and our lives. She teaches intuitive entrepreneurship, sharing simple techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness, personal growth and team empowerment.

Success and Significance
Father Sirico is a Catholic priest who quotes Thomas Aquinas and Genesis, but also cites Solzhenitsyn and Peter Drucker. Concerned that the insufficient grasp of economic principles left students of religion poorly equipped to address real-life social issues, Father Sirico cofounded the Acton Institute, whose mission is “to promote a free, virtuous and humane society by demonstrating the compatibility of faith, liberty and free economic activity.”

The Ultimate Upline
At age nine, Ana McClellan wanted to go to a YMCA summer camp, but her family didn’t have the extra money to send her. The local Y sponsored a candy drive that rewarded top sellers with two, four or six weeks of camp. Not only did Ana earn six weeks at camp, she also learned to be a persuasive story-teller, to dream and share her dreams—and she discovered the critical value of a personal support system.

The Art of Selective Recruiting
Frank Keefer is an icon in the networking profession. Prior to encountering network marketing, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the military and the corporate world. Over the past twenty years he has represented four network marketing companies and has achieved the top level in each of the past three. Most importantly to him, he has facilitated the creation of over one hundred million-dollar earners.

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