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Arjuna Ardagh
Lead Story:
Arjuna Ardagh

Barbara Marx Hubbard
NT Interview:
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Phil Mims
The Heart of Business:
Phil Mims

Chad Wade
Master Networker:
Chad Wade

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Translucent Networking
Arjuna Ardagh is founder of the Living Essence Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of consciousness within the context of ordinary life. "A tangible shift is taking place in our world," says Arjuna. "Increasing numbers of people are waking up to a deeper dimension of themselves and reality. This realization holds the possibility for creating a magnificent life of service and inspiration." Arjuna explores what that magnificent life might look like in the context of a networking business.

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Networking Humanity's Next Chapter
For the past forty years, Barbara Marx Hubbard has been a pioneer and driving force in the movement to create a positive future for humanity. She is widely recognized as the philosophical heir to Buckminster Fuller, who once described her as the best informed human now alive regarding futurism. Barbara is passionate about creating a synergistic democracya way of being in the world where we realize that every choice each one of us makes matters and affects where we are all going.

How Many Children Can We Feed?
Phil learned early on that to have the things he wanted in life, he had to be his own boss. He liked the idea of network marketing and became extremely successful at it. But the economy changed and his company went out of business. Today he is president of a new company that meets his two objectives: rewarding the field distributor and founding a charitable giving program.

Surrender to the Laws of Success
When Chad was nineteen years old, he read a book that changed his life forever. That same year, he left his hometown in Utah to accomplish a two-year mission for his church, serving local communities in Louisiana. He worked during the day and read his new-found goldmine every night for the entire two years. The principles he learned paved the way for how he has created his business and his life.

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