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Mar/Apr 2008    
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Terry Savage
Lead Story:
Terry Savage

One Minute Books
NT Interview:
Wayne Burgan
and Bud Chapplain

Randall Blaum
The Heart of Business:
Randall Blaum

Mohammad  Fatemi Ghani
Master Networker:
Mohammad Fatemi Ghani

Sandi Cohen
Master Networker:
Sandi Cohen

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The New Financial Frontier
Terry Savage is one of our nation's highest-visibility experts on personal finance. She serves as television commentator on investment and financial markets for CNN, CNBC, PBS and NBC, and nationally syndicated personal finance columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times. Starting out as a stockbroker, Terry became a founding member (also the first woman trader) on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. We asked her about the biggest financial challenges home-based business owners are facing in the twenty-first century.

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Keeping It Simple
Wayne Burgan is the founder of CashFlow Manager, Australia's leading small business bookkeeping solution. As an accountant specializing in small business needs, he learned over the years that most of his clients didn't really understand where their money was coming from or where it was going. To help them, he decided to create systems that anyone could easily understand and use.

No More Debt!
After a highly successful career as a promoter in the film business, Randall Blaum succumbed to the addiction of consumerism and found himself in serious credit card debt. Twenty years and two bankruptcies later, he discovered a way to get out of debt-and stay out forever. Passionate about what he had learned, Randall launched a crusade to share his lessons with others. He is the director of U R Pre-Approved, a feature-length movie that warns the public against the hidden dangers of accumulating credit card debt.

From Dubai around the World
Mohammad Fatemi Ghani moved his family from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates in order to pursue an attractive job offer as an aeronautics engineer. After a few years, he decided to transition from his area of expertise to start a health and wellness business. In four years he reached Diamond status with his company; today he is the company’s first Crown Diamond of the Middle East.

Bringing Mothers Home
Sandi Cohen has always been passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Upon graduating in the sixties with a degree in education from Temple University in Philadelphia, she volunteered to be the first white female in an all-black school in north Philadelphia. Today, Sandi stays just as committed to being the change she wants to see.

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