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Tami Walsh
Lead Story:
Tami Walsh

Rory Vaden
NT Interview:
Rory Vaden

The Heart of Business:
Chelsea Loin

Andre and Tami Popa
Master Networker:
Andre and Tami Popa

Master Networker:
Susan Sly

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The Wisdom of Teens
Tami Walsh created TeenWisdom .com based on a promise she made that some day she would devote herself to making life better for other teen girls. Today, when she's not busy coaching teen girls one-on-one in southern California, Tami travels around the country talking with teens and parents about the toughest issues facing this generation, providing gentle, sage advice on how, as she puts it, to build bridges of communication instead of burning them down.

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The Incalculable Value of Discipline
Rory Vaden is an accomplished professional speaker, author, standup comedian and cofounder of a $2 million company called Success Starts Now! that delivers sales training events across the country. He graduated from the University of Denver magna cum laude and has an MBA. He has worked as a door-to-door salesman, a star athlete, a model, has appeared in commercials and stars in a new documentary, Speaker. And one more thing: he just turned twenty-five.

Builder of Dreams
At twenty-four, Chelsea Loin is a successful entrepreneur and a budding philanthropist. The network marketing lifestyle was emblazoned in her memory from the age of twelve, when her parents started their first venture in Iowa, where she grew up. As a teenager, she read business books and played the CashFlow® 101 game and quickly learned that she did not want to be in the rat race.

Teaching People How to Create Wealth
Tami was born in St. Paul, Minnesota with an entrepreneurial spirit. Andre was born in Romania under communist regime. When Tami met Andre Popa, she recruited him…as a husband first. He knew if he accepted, he would also be joining the business. He did, and two different perspectives came together to birth a vision for the future: to educate people in finance, real estate investment and business ownership.

Empowering Women
Susan Sly grew up in Brockville, Ontario. Trips with her stepmother to home presentations of a make-up line were her first exposure to network marketing, although she didn’t realize it at the time. Today Susan Sly is enjoying a great life and, passionate teacher that she is, she’d be the first to say that it’s a life available to everyone. She’s moved through challenging patches by focusing on her vision: to empower women and liberate families financially.

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