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5 Reasons to Keep Your Job—for Now

Firing your boss can be held up as the ideal goal for your home based business. But before you take the plunge and wave your job goodbye too soon, just pause for a minute…

Because believe it or not, that annoying job has a lot of things going for it, especially when you’re launching your network marketing business. Hard to believe? Well, here are 5 reasons your job is your friend:

1. Income

Having a steady source of income means—even if it’s a squeeze—your bills get paid and your family can eat. Plus you can cover your business expenses. That’s expenses like personal development resources and attending events. It’s important to be able to invest in these things—even if it’s only $10 each week.

There is nothing worse than a hungry salesman—someone who’s preoccupied with not making ends meet and who HAS to make a sale. I’ve met people who claim to thrive under that kind of pressure. But in reality I’ve found that mostly it’s just awful for everybody.

2. Perspective


It’s super easy to place totally unrealistic expectations on this network marketing business. I’ve spoken with newbies who, having never made more than $30,000/year in their full time work, want their new business to make them $100,000/year.

And soon, please.

But they don’t have time for any trainings. And they’ve been to the business presentation twice—so, for goodness’ sake, how many more times do they really have to go?

Yet those same people feel genuine indignation and resentment towards their company and the profession when their business fails to cough up that $100k/year within their specified time frame!

Having an actual job, where you have to produce something if you want to be paid (even if you don’t feel like it that day), and where you get fired if you fluff about and demand they pay you for nothing…

…well, that’s a useful perspective when it comes to what it takes to make income in the real world. Bringing that same work ethic to your business has an enormous positive impact on it.

3. Urgency

When full-time work is filling most of your schedule, there are usually only a few hours left in a week for you to build your business.

It’s counter intuitive, but having very little time for your business can actually be helpful. For example, I was working 80-hour weeks when I started my business. I had just 3 spare hours each week to launch in network marketing. Because my excitement was high, I was extremely focused on production activities during those 3 hours.

I just didn’t have the luxury of fluff-about time. I didn’t have the time to over-think things or to chew my finger nails too long. That set me free from procrastination and placed me firmly in production.

4. Motivation

Most people don’t absolutely love what they do for a living. Even if you enjoy large chunks of your day job, you’ll still be faced, frequently, with the reasons you’d like to have time freedom.

  • Maybe one of your children has a game you can’t get to because you have to work.
  • Maybe one of them is unwell and you have to take a day’s unpaid leave to be home with them.
  • Or that delicious part of workplace life—office politics—leaves you with the feeling you just had to stand still while someone threw up on your shoes.

Whatever the exact scenario, holding down a job means you’ll have frequent opportunities to feel there are benefits to owning your own time. This is motivating!

It creates fuel to take the time you would have spent watching TV each night and use it to move your life and your finances forward. It’s a regular nudge towards understanding it’s worth it, that your business matters, that you want to create change.

5. Connections

So, as I’ve just mentioned, having a job clearly connects you with lots of people who probably want more income and/or more freedom. This is not to say you should put on your deerstalker hat and load your elephant gun each morning.

‘Hunting’ is a terrible way to go about building your business. It’s bad for everyone. And you will burn out.

But paying attention, listening, offering solutions where appropriate—especially when surrounded by people working in jobs they don’t necessarily want to do forever—that’s a great way to build your local business.

And I know I said 5, but here’s a bonus reason, closely related to number 1:

6. Becoming debt free

Instead of spending every last penny you earn in your business, use it to set yourself free. Continue to live on your salary, spending only 10% of your business earnings on celebration and reward.

Take the rest of your network marketing income and use it to pay off your debt. Do not use it to live on. It might take 2 or 3 years, but when you are completely debt free, then you are in an incredible position.

Once you are debt free and your business income matches your salary month in month out…then it’s time to seriously consider whether you want to quit your job.


So there you have it—6 reasons your day job is your friend. Reframe those feelings of resentment (or even self-pity) you may be harboring about your job. See that job instead as a strong platform for launching your goals and dreams—financially, physically and emotionally. Turning that attitude around makes your journey so much more enjoyable!


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