The Yarnell 7: The Power of Decisions

mark and amy yarnell
 The Yarnell 7 e-book is based on the daily decisions Mark Yarnell made to achieve the legendary success he built as a network marketer, bestselling author, and world-class speaker. Acoording to his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, these seven decisions were the secret to Mark’s extraordinarily happy, successful, and all-around phenomenal life. In the introduction Amy says, “The Yarnell 7 gives you the opportunity to make the same powerful choices Mark Yarnell made and to live the extraordinary life you so richly deserve!”

(Excerpted from the Introduction of The Yarnell 7)

Yarnell 7 bookThe day my father passed away, I sat in his office, reeling with the shock and grief of my loss. As I chose songs off his iPad for his funeral and thought about his amazing life, three simple words ran through my head:

He did it.

I quickly stood up from the couch in his office downstairs, walked to the window, and gazed out at the beautiful Okanagan Lake below. As I looked at the beauty that surrounded my father every day of his life, I thought again, He really did pull the whole thing off. He did it! And though tears were falling down my face, I smiled.

Many of you knew Mark Yarnell from his books or saw him speak; you knew him personally or you worked with him professionally; but no matter how you knew him, you knew he was an extraordinary person.

For those of you who didn’t know him, Mark Yarnell was a DYNAMO. He was a paraglide pilot, a bestselling author, an amazing public speaker, a powerhouse network marketer and noted philanthropist. He was fearless and wild, but also loving and kind. He was off-the-charts brilliant and his laugh was contagious. Everyone who knew him wanted to be around the man as often as possible—he was so enthusiastic and interesting and fun that you couldn’t help having a wonderful day if you spent it with him.

Although he was extremely successful and extraordinary and I looked up to him a great deal, I also wondered many, many times over the course of my forty-one years if his outlook on life would ever change. In some ways, I watched him like a child watches a science experiment; his passion was so powerful and his excitement so palpable that I watched him and wondered if he would ever lose even one small bit of his astounding energy as his life proceeded on such an extraordinary course of bliss. I certainly hoped he wouldn’t because he was so incredibly happy, fun and full of life, but I also wondered if it was really, truly possible to live in that state of perpetual excitement … forever.

And the day I realized that “he did it” and that the outcome of all he had lived was not merely monetary success but true life success, I knew I had a job to do. Over the next two years, I reflected on what made him so incredibly different from everyone else, because I knew that if I could distill his WHY’s and HOW’s for extraordinary living, that I would owe it to humanity to write The Yarnell 7. It is my hope that every single person has a chance and a choice to model the way he chose to live his life and therefore, a chance to lead extraordinary lives themselves.

From a very young age, my dad programmed me on purpose, to have a purpose. And because I was young and looked at my father like he was a god (if not God Himself), I believed what he told me. I fell for his ideas about life, hook, line, and sinker—and thank God! I had the great advantage to have learned all of The Yarnell 7 in my formative years and that is why it is so very important to me to ensure that you and your children have the same opportunities I have enjoyed.

This book is your ticket to live an extraordinary life. There is simply no reason for you to live any less of a life than the very best. Take a deep breath, because it all starts with you making a simple decision. You must decide right now if you want to live an extraordinary life. Let me be clear: this is your choice. You either decide that you will move forward with how you have been living … OR you decide that you can be, do, and have everything you desire.

The decisions you make every single day and every single moment are the decisions that produce the framework for your entire life. Events and people outside of your control may seem to dictate your days and moments and even years, but ultimately it is your decisions that create the foundation for who you are and the reality of your own life.

At this moment, I am convinced that the following decision is the single most important one that you will ever make:

You decide that your life is already so fantastic you can’t imagine making any improvements, and so you set this book back down (or click out of the page, whichever the case may be);


You decide right now that you will read The Yarnell 7, move to extraordinary heights, and live the best life possible.

So let me be completely clear: If you want to live an extraordinary life, read on. If you know your life could be awesome and you are ready to make the ultimate decisions that will enable you to reach that state of awesomeness, you are in the right place, right here and right now. Read on. If you want to continue down the path of uncertainty and haphazard happiness—or, as I like to call it, the “teeter-totter of happiness”—put it down. X out. Your decision.

But remember: every choice you make has an impact on those around you and so when you make the decision to read this book, your life—and everyone else’s life around you—will change forever!

So what will it be?

If you just chose to move forward with reading this book and change your life (and the world) forever, CONGRATULATIONS!

The first thing you need to understand is the subtitle of this book. Please note that it is not called The Seven Principles/Values/Mindsets/Habits for Extraordinary Living, but rather The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living.

That’s because this life of yours is exactly that: YOURS. And it is the act of making decisions about you and your life that changes everything!

There is a certain freedom that comes along with the understanding that everything you do or think is, in fact, a decision on your part. Let’s get started!

Amy Yarnell Carter is the daughter of the amy yarnell carterlegendary bestselling author, public speaker, and network marketer Mark Yarnell. Upon his passing in 2015, Amy realized that it was her responsibility to teach others why and how Mark Yarnell lived an extraordinary life so that they too could reap the rewards of high-performance decision making. As the author of The Yarnell 7, she is also releasing The Yarnell 7 blog, podcast and online course. Amy is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and avid reader and learner. 



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