Are You a Network Marketing Professional?

The ANMP Is Your Professional Association

Top leaders, companies, trainers, organizations… the entire network marketing community is coming together around one core belief: Strength Comes from Unity™. Today the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) unites network marketing professionals worldwide—distributors, company owners and executives, as well as other strategic partners and service providers—to raise standards of professionalism by providing resources and education, and improve the public’s perception of the network marketing and direct selling business model.

The ANMP is a true grassroots organization. From its original founding in 2004 to the expanded ANMP of 2017, the Association has been led by some of the most vocal and passionate advocates for the network marketing profession of our time.

Consistent with a rapidly changing global economy, the ANMP Board of Directors has set an attractive, bold, and contemporary new vision. Today, more than ever before, we are poised for unprecedented international growth.

In addition to our current Board of Directors, prominent network marketing advocates from around the world are stepping forward to support the ANMP and drive our continued growth.

As Paul Zane Pilzer explained in Networking Times (Sep/Oct 2014):

“What our economy is missing is education for new methods and better ways to do business. Who’s filling the gap? Only network marketing is stepping up to the plate to face this challenge, which is the need to retool people who don’t have the skills, knowledge, contacts or whatever they need to succeed in today’s economy.

“Network marketing holds the key to resolving one of our biggest global issues, which is retraining the unemployed, because it is the only model that succeeds economically by teaching individuals new skills that will help them succeed in a changing world.”

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, an internationally recognized economist and businessman, declared in Networking Times (Nov/Dec 2011):

“With seven billion people on this planet, taking even one-third of that number as being of the employable age, there’s absolutely no way that any industry out there—mining, manufacturing, what have you—can fulfill two billion jobs. As we get more technologically advanced, we’re also moving away from a labor economy…

“There is no way traditional businesses can breach this gap. As more and more people become educated and employable, there are fewer and fewer jobs. In another ten years, we’re going to have at least four billion people looking for employment. And there is absolutely nothing out there that can fill the gap—except network marketing.”

2017: 13th Annual International ANMP Convention

The ANMP convention was the first-ever generic event to create an inclusive environment for the entire network marketing profession. Voted the #1 BEST VALUE in Network Marketing year after year, this annual educational event for top earners, rising stars and newcomers alike will help you hone your skills, elevate your mindset and create massive breakout success in 2017 and beyond!

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals has assembled the BEST of the BEST – over 50+ Million-Dollar-per-year income earners, internationally-recognized thought leaders, mentors to millionaires, expert panel members and highly-skilled contributors – to make it the best VALUE of any event in the history of our profession.

The earnings personally generated by this world-class faculty now total almost  $1 BILLION dollars!

What Attendees Liked the Most

“It’s amazing—all these people are so successful and have achieved more than I can imagine, but I found I could relate to them—because they were just like ME when they got started! If I learn and take action the way they learned and took action, I now know can get there, too!”

“This was the biggest, most robust speaking roster and faculty of any convention in our profession! Every single speaker brought their ‘A-Game’ and spoke right into what I specifically needed to hear and learn.”

“I got to rub shoulders with the very top people in the profession and authors and people I’ve only ever read about. I got to sit at a table with Sarah Robbins at dinner the first night, and with Orrin Woodward the next day at lunch! At first I was nervous, but they put me right at ease and we had amazing conversations that really opened my mind…”

A Spirit of Service: Helping the Profession

The speakers, directors and officers of the ANMP are not paid or reimbursed; they simply donate their time, resources and talents. Why do they do this? The answer we hear most often:

“I want to give back to this profession that has been so good to me! I want to support this convention and association. When we all come together, everyone wins.”

Many attendees noticed and commented on the speakers’ servant leadership and appreciated the shared experience:

“I love how the speakers are so generous of spirit. In fact, they spend their own money to attend—they pay for their own hotel room, airplane tickets, even their convention tickets, just like I did! On top of that, they are so accessible, learning together with the rest of us. The top people are sitting right beside us, taking notes, too!”

The ANMP: Quick Facts

  • The ANMP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization and a 10-year-old trade association for our entire profession.
  • Grassroots: Evolved from distributors wanting to help other distributors and contribute.
  • Different levels of membership and participation: Member, Sponsor, Speaker, Committee Advisor, etc.
  • Every great profession has a professional association (examples: Nat’l Realtors Association; AMA)

Strength Comes from Unity

There is power in numbers! The ANMP’s role is to elevate, educate, support, and expand awareness and public acceptance of the entire network marketing profession. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they are corporate, field, supporter, media, newbie or veteran, provided they desire to contribute and strive for high standards of professionalism, and are committed to ongoing education. Because we put up a “big tent,” it is critical that we strictly enforce (especially at our annual convention) the ANMP policy of no selling, no sponsoring, and no recruiting, to ensure it’s an absolutely safe learning environment for all.

We are now at the point where company owners are promoting the ANMP Convention to their entire field organizations.

The grassroots energy and atmosphere throughout this weekend is intoxicating: when you are in the convention ballroom, immersed in the buzz of the conversations, the excitement, the best education, perhaps for the first time, you will feel truly inspired and proud to be a network marketing professional! You realize YOU are among the best of the best of your profession, and that we really do support and care about each other’s success, that we share an alignment of purpose, that we really do have a “better way,” and that our Strength Comes from Unity.

If you are not in Dallas this weekend, join us on the Livestream on



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