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6 Ways to Increase Productivity and Profitability

Contributor: Stacia Pierce

If you’re seeking to increase your productivity and profitability this year, start with a plan to be more organized. As business owners, we need not only to have a plan, but to make progress daily in order to reach our goals. The biggest hindrance to goal achievement is lack of organization. It makes you feel out of control and less productive, regardless of what you’ve done all day.

Here are a six steps you can take to become more organized and productive to reach your goals.1. Determine each day to implement something new into your business. Do it first thing in the morning, before you get caught up in emails, phone calls and social media. Take new actions while you are at your sharpest. This is how you will develop a new, next-level routine. Make your list at night before bed and set your intentions to take action as soon as you start your day.

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2. Adopt a personal resolve to move forward regardless of what obstacles may arise (and they always do). This may require strengthening your own mental toughness to achieve higher levels of success. Your mentality should be to go and do, instead of to “sit and think.” Many entrepreneurs wear themselves out by over-thinking every little detail, which leads to feeling overwhelmed. Acting fast can eliminate stress, worry, and anxiety and boost your business and your confidence. The best way to figure something out is to take action and make adjustments along the way. Trust you can always fix it on the fly! At least, now you’re making progress.

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3. Do what’s most important to your bottom line. Don’t fill your time with non-essential things that don’t contribute any real value to your quality of life, your ability to help others, or to your business cash flow. When you learn the tremendous power of taking daily, fast actionacting now instead of lateryou’ll begin to see more opportunities, better ideas, and higher income flowing in your life.

4. Ask yourself—”What if my life depended on it?” This will give you the sense of urgency you need to help you instantly get clarity on what matters most. Then you can take decisive, quick action that yields profitable results. Train yourself to think, decide, and take action on an idea, and you’ll instantly become better than those who learn thousands of ideas, but do nothing with them. The best thing about taking action is that it breeds more clarity! In order to learn and move forward, it’s better to do something rather than nothing at all.

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5. You can do way more than you think when you focus and avoid distractions. A key to this is to surround yourself with the best people who can get the job done fast, and are willing and ready to work with you to achieve your goals. Clearly communicate with your team what you want and when you want it done. Then, see your projects through to completion.

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6. Order precedes increase. It will be impossible to create a new you if your life is full of chaos and clutter. Get yourself organized in every area of your life. Clean and organize your house, your car, your closets, your office, your desk, and your files. Go through your computer files and folders. Eliminate anything that is no longer needed. The more order you create for yourself, the more you will find clarity, answers, and direction toward reaching your goals.

Here is my action-packed to-do list to get you going:

  • Write out a plan and list at night before you retire.
  • Visualize your outcome with daily morning meditation.
  • Read books on your area of expertise.
  • Plan your social media posts, and post often.
  • Hire help so you can delegate and get more done.
  • Get a coach or mentor to help you think bigger and guide you through growing your business.
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Write a list of all the ideas that have come to you—or that are coming to you right now—that you haven’t taken action on. Most people sit on ideas waiting for more clarity before they conquer them. If you could only see how much money you are literally sitting on by not taking action on your ideas!

As a business owner, you should keep ongoing lists of goals you want to accomplish. You can use your goals list to dream big and envision the future of your business and your life. Goals keep you moving in the direction of your dreams. Write your goals with a clear picture in mind. Create monthly goals that you can actually achieve in a 30-day time frame. Set the goal high enough to stretch yourself, but low enough that you don’t give up before you start. This will keep you motivated and you will find it much easier to make progress every day.

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Each morning, write down five goals—five things you want to accomplish in your business. Daily goals help you to focus on making progress every single day. You get an overwhelmingly gratifying feeling of achievement when you have reached your daily goals. Also, these small, daily steps will keep you from becoming overwhelmed with growing your business.

For daily progress, live each day with the intent to accomplish something on your daily goals list and you’ll quickly accomplish twice as much as before and soar to great heights, living your dream life!

stacia-pierceStacia Pierce is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises. She has lent her expertise on various career, financial, and entrepreneur-related topics to Glamour, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, Ebony, The Shriver Report, Essence, and more.



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