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Do What You Love – and Make Money!

Jennifer Noel Taylor

Contributor: Jennifer Noel Taylor

do what you love

How many times have you seen people struggle with this dilemma: do what you love, but live like a “starving artist,” or put up with a job you hate to pay the bills. The people who love their jobs, seem to be the “lucky ones” – the few and far between who have managed to integrate their passion and their pocketbook.

How do they do it? What’s their secret?

I used to feel depressed every single day of the work week. I dreaded Mondays and felt like my job was a prison sentence. Now don’t get me wrong, I worked for some amazing people and I had what some would consider a dream job! But I was just simply on the wrong path.

My heart was telling me one thing but my mind craved security. I was afraid that if I pursued what I really wanted to do, I wouldn’t make ends meet. It was hard to contemplate leaving a secure job (no matter how bored I was!)

Everyone has a dream. The subtle voice of the heart is always urging people to follow their passion. But why are people so often disappointed when they pursue what they love? Why is it so often a struggle to make ends meet?

When I finally quit my job to pursue my true passion, I was under the false impression that I would be rewarded with instant success. But in reality, I struggled with the lack of security and lack of funding. I was very surprised that things did not flow very well. And I certainly did not anticipate the sheer amount of challenges I would face. Through many “learning experiences” (i.e., mistakes!), I finally discovered how to be successful while following my true calling (it only took 13 years!)

One of the biggest discoveries that I made — when you pursue what you love, it’s important to listen to your heart always. We are constantly receiving guidance through our inner voice (the voice of the heart.) I can tell if I am following my guidance because I feel a sense of joy around taking a certain action. However, many times I ignored what my heart was saying because it didn’t seem to make logical sense. I had trouble wanting to let go of my illusion of control.

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Following the heart takes a willingness to surrender, let go, and trust the process. (All very difficult things to do!) Oftentimes, you are required to take multiple “Leaps of Faith” and leave your comfort zone. Leaps of faith can certainly be challenging and I fully understand! But in the end, I discovered that listening to my heart was essential to creating success.

Following the heart takes a willingness to surrender, let go, and trust the process. Click To Tweet

Let me give you an example… A few years ago, I hired one employee that created a lot of drama for our company. Kate* (*name changed) loved to gossip. And her constant meddling had everyone walking on eggshells for fear of losing their jobs. My office manager was demoralized! Eventually, I fired Kate but the damage was done. And to make matters worse, she filed a claim for age discrimination. Overall, hiring Kate did an incredible amount of damage to our company. I pride myself on creating a great team, so what went wrong? It turns out, when I hired her, I had a negative feeling around her. My instincts were telling me not to hire her. But I ignored what my heart was saying because she looked good “on paper” and I was desperate to hire someone.

I can cite many examples where I ignored my gut, my heart, and my feelings. After all, in business, I was always told to leave my feelings out of my business decisions. But I’m suggesting just the opposite – to listen to your feelings, heart, and instinct!

love-incorporated-bookIn my new book, Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love, I address the unique challenges you may face when creating a career doing what you love. I made a lot of “mistakes.” And through all of my trial and error, I noticed I kept on coming back to the same lessons over and over again.

You can successfully integrate your love and money!

Jennifer Noel TaylorJennifer Noel Taylor, CEO Quantum-Touch, Inc has dedicated her life work to helping people discover the healing power of their love. She integrates love and business by creating  spiritually rewarding jobs, financial abundance, and healing service to others. For more information, visit



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