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A Challenging Transition – How I Successfully Led My Team through an MLM Buyout

Contributor: Megan Wolfenden

Last year our beloved, longtime network marketing company was purchased by another well-respected and fast growing international company. As the parent company was working on the transition, all the distributors were trying to work out the implications this would have for our own situation.

Some people did nothing, others complained, and some of us got educated and excited. The optimists thought about how lucky we were to be bought by a company that really wanted us, while many others complained about things being different compared to what they knew and understood.

The leaders who are now the most successful in the new company doubled their efforts and made sure they communicated with as many team members as possible, as often as possible. Excellent and transparent communication was critical for a smooth team transition.

Not everyone stayed. Wonderful opportunities with great leadership abounds, and plenty of distributors from other companies were eager to welcome our leaders into their opportunity. Some leaders made the transition; when the dust settled, some of them came back to us because they appreciated in hindsight how strong our team was.

For three months, we were bombarded with phone calls, emails, text messages, WeChat, WhatsApp—you name it. Our inboxes were FULL of questions and concerns. We answered all messages and used those to build FAQs and videos to get the broader message out. After a while, people learned the new system and began hosting meetings again. The transition went smoothly and we found our new “normal.”

This was definitely a time when I relied on my upline for strength and friendship. We traveled extensively to reach more people in person and get the new message out there as quickly as possible so everyone could feel supported. Fortunately, the company also communicated regularly and made sure plenty of training was provided in different locations around the world. How lucky we were that our new company was so exceptionally organized and such a great fit for us!

Now that I have successfully experienced an MLM Buyout I’d like to share my learning experience, as well as suggest sine action steps you can take to strengthen your team – should you face a similar situation, or at any other time in your business.

  1. Step up and be the leader your team needs – now and in the future.
  2. Set up communication channels so your team feels informed and supported.
  3. Build a sense of community with the company and your team through virtual and face-to-face events.
  4. Edify upline, downline, and everything about your opportunity.
  5. Your team can tell if you are not completely convinced about what you are saying. Make sure your attitude is 100% on track before you go out and try to lead others.

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

If change is in the air, then get educated on what the changes are, and what they mean to your team. Find out why this change is important or necessary, and then show your team you are behind it.

Understand that people may have an increased need for communication. Make sure individuals feel they are important to the overall team and respect their feelings.

Then challenge your team to be the best they can be and lead by example. Earn the rewards in your new company yourself, so your team can see what is possible. Lead to make a difference and be a positive change agent. Help people make a difference in other people’s lives.

Remember John Maxwell’s words:

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

Megan WolfendenMegan Wolfenden started her career in finance and computers before relocating from Sydney, Australia, to the U.S. After investing in real estate and other assets, she learned about network marketing and built a multimillion-dollar business operating in twenty-three countries. She is author of Extraordinary You: A Woman’s Guide to Having it All

Megan and her husband Anthony were featured Master Networkers in the Sep/Oct 2013 issue of Networking Times.



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  • Natasha Loeser
    May 9, 2016 at 4:41 am

    As an MLM company there should be leadership trainings and seminars for education is important to be successful in business.Communication channels , sense of community within the upline and down line for strength and friendship should be developed in this way distributors and company will have good relationships in business. The team must be channeled to be the best and lead by example to earn rewards and blessings .

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