5 Apps to Grow Your Biz with Greater Ease


Don’t you LOVE how technology has helped make life so easy? “How did we live before the era of smartphones,” I wonder sometimes!

With declining prices of entry-level smartphones, everyone seems to have at least one, if not two, these days. Industry research shows that in 2011, for the first time, more smartphones were sold than PCs and tablets. A recent UN report noted that India had more smartphones than toilets!

It is not just the decreasing price points that make the smartphone so popular, it is a changing consumer culture where everyone is on the move and wants to get things done, even while not sitting in an office or home in front of a computer. And what makes the smartphone so attractive and easy to use? APPS!

There is an app for everything. Whether you want to track your expenses, organize your schedule, video call your team members, monitor your calorie intake, or find the fastest way to your destination, there is an app for it!

What kind of apps could you be using to make your life easier and more efficient? We asked some top network marketing leaders about their favorite apps. Here are the top 5 many of them swear by!

1) Periscope

The hottest new app to hit social media in 2015, Periscope is the best way to share and watch live video broadcasts from your mobile phone. Super easy to use, it provides a platform for audience interaction and has immense scalable value for leaders with large teams spread across the globe.

Bri Richardson“This app is AMAZING! I can connect with my team LIVE at the drop of a hat. No matter the country or time zone, everyone you are connected to gets a Tweet when you go live. You can even do private Periscopes. I use it for trainings, new presenter launches, and to reach a larger network of prospects.” – Bri Richardson

Michelle Pescosolido“I love how you can just whip out your phone and start a live stream show for your audience to view. We connect with our audience via live stream and share lifestyle, “how-to” streams, personal development, inspiration, and motivation.” – Michelle Pescosolido

“I love periscope because you can connect live with so many people from around the world at the same time! Your followers get an instant notification when you go live.” – Amber Voight

 “It is like a live YouTube and allows teams to watch from all over the world.” – Amani Zein

“Newbie but goody. Great way to do instant training. Live video feed that disappears after 24 hours. Still figuring it out!” – Kimmy Brooke

 2) Taxbot 


Created by leading tax Attorney and former IRS agent Sandy Botkin, Taxbot is a must for small business owners. It lets you track your mileage, digitally store your receipts, securely import expenses directly from your bank, generate audit safe reports, and do much more to help you keep more of your money.

amber voight“Taxbot saves me time from doing the boring bookkeeping, allowing me to spend more time building my business and working with my team while saving me money!” – Amber Voight


Michelle Fraser“I love the way it helps me keep track in a very simple way of all of my business related expenses. And, I absolutely LOVE that Taxbot also sends me helpful tutorials and information in the form of short video clips… I have learned so much and am saving more and more money!” Michelle Fraser

ray higdon“Been using it for years to track my expenses and help me remember where expenses came from.” – Ray Higdon

Julie Miller-Hansberry

“Taxbot is one of my favorites…track miles, expenses, etc., easily ;)” Julie Miller-Hansberry

3) Facebook

facebook app

With more than 1 billion daily active users, if Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth! A strong Facebook allows you access to one of the most effective types of marketing – word-of-mouth advertising. Facebook and network marketing seem made for each other, with their power to connect people and build communities.

amani zein“Facebook is absolutely my favorite so far. It allows people to get to know you as you post daily. We’ve had people join our teams because of our posts.” – Amani Zein


“Facebook will always be my #1 app. It’s how I built 90% of my business. It’s how I stay connected to my team, my clients, and my mentors.” – Bri Richardson

Gene Adigu“Facebook is a great place to bring a team together. I created a Facebook page strictly for my team members. We promote our new leaders and also give tips on how to recruit and grow a successful team. It’s easier than calling individual team member.” – Gene Adigu

Kimmy Brooke“Oldie but goody! Best way to stay connected to the teams, invite people to take a look, quickly communicate through PM, celebrate and recognize team members publicly and show lifestyle.” – Kimmy Brooke


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4) Skype

skype app for network marketingSkype made the world seem smaller when it was launched in 2003! It helped us see and speak to our friends and family in different countries through the computer, for the first time. Today you can video chat, make international calls, screen share, instant message, and more with the Skype app.

Paula Pritchard“Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp are my favorite applications because they allow me to communicate all over the world to my organization at little or no cost.” – Paula Pritchard


“This app makes it easy to train and assist team members to conduct presentations. I like Skype a lot because people don’t just hear my voice, they can also see my screen if I share it. Skype allows me to help new team members start their business strong.” – Gene Adigu

5) Evernote


Evernote lets you store text notes, audio files, photos, web articles, to-do lists, and just about anything else you can think of online. In addition to taking notes at training programs, you can also record the audio to go with it. The best part is you can access it all on Evernote from your desktop/laptop or any other device seamlessly, as long as the app is installed on all your devices.

Pamela BarnumIt’s an amazing app to write notes, lists etc. I use this exclusively for my training notes. Very easy to search and edit.” – Pamela Barnum

“Evernote is great for writing down ideas and notes you may want to share with your team. It connects via the cloud so you can access it later on any device as long as you are logged into the cloud. I take lots of notes via Evernote, which are typically ideas for content I will create at a later date for our audience and team.” – Michelle Pescosolido

BONUS! Did you know Networking Times now has an app for your smartphone and tablet?

networking times mobile app

Here’s why you’ll want to start using it right away – and tell your team to do the same!

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What’s your favorite app and how has it helped you with your business?

ramya chandrasekaranRamya Chandrasekaran is Digital Content Manager for Networking Times. She was the Chief Communications Officer for a leading Asian Direct Selling company in the Pacific Rim responsible for PR, branding, and customer communications in key markets in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. She is a communications consultant for direct selling and network marketing.



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