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The Art of Network Marketing Communication

Contributor: Doug Firebaugh


In reality, most folks in network marketing don’t understand that we are in the business of NETWORKING!

We all need to get “out there” and become more visible to the public and even strangers. Hermits don’t do very well in this business.

What would happen to your business if you would came across someone who could explode your business, and when you talked to him or her…you blew it by saying and asking the wrong things? The answer would be: nothing.

You would have no change to your home business, and no change to your future. Another waste-filled conversation dropped in the recruiting abyss of “could have beens.”

There are so many people out there looking for you! You must find them and talk to them in a way that draws them towards you, and not away! How do you do that?







But when you do, make sure you ask questions that are going to position you as a professional, not another “amateur MLMer.” There is a reason why the first word in “network marketing” is NETWORK. That is what we do!

You WORK your NET!

Here are some questions that have worked for many and I encourage you to use them when you start your Magnetic Networking:

What is your connection to the host of this party/conference/meeting?”

“How did you get involved with this organization/association/group?”

“Tell me about yourself…”

“Tell me about your family….”

“What is it that you enjoy most about this time of year (season)?”

“Who do you know that might want to know how to….”

“Who do you know that might know about recreational activities/restaurants/sports events in this area?”

“Bring me up to date on your family/career/hobby since the last time we chatted….”

“Describe that for me…that sounds interesting.”

“What and who does that involve?”

“That is so interesting…help me understand how that works.”

You get the idea….Get them talking, then get them engaged, and get them interested-in YOU! What you do, what you have to offer, and what you can do for them. Simple concept, and deadly!

Keep your radar on for any kind of Magnetic conversation, and Network with them. Use some of these questions, and you will be amazed at what happens to your home business over time!

Let your NET start WORKING! And your net, once lowered in this huge sea of MLM prospects, will catch some BIG FISH.


DougFirebaughWebDoug Firebaugh is a veteran networker and coach to the networking profession. Doug has over 20 years experience in the sales and direct marketing field, and has been blessed with winning numerous awards and helping break records in performance by training people on how to “Maximize their Human Success Capital” that lies within them.



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  • Scott Moore
    August 14, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    I’m working on this skill. It’s not really that hard to do, of course, but still it takes a conscious effort to get better.

    You make excellent points. It’s about simple communication. I only examined myself as I read this post.

    There is a difference in asking questions and listening all the way through, versus interjecting an opinion before the other person finishes.


    Scott Moore

  • Namusoke Harrriet
    August 17, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Thank you for this information.

  • Namusoke Harriet
    August 20, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Great learning’s. Hope to improve a lot when I apply it.

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