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Celebrating Mark Yarnell : Words of Wisdom

Mark Yarnell was inimitable. One of the best known and most passionate advocates for the network marketing profession, he was a friend and mentor to many.

Mark loved Networking Times. We were fortunate to work very closely with him, recording his thoughts and archiving his wealth of knowledge through interviews, articles, and quotes. Here is a short story Mark used to tell to rally the troops:

dog chasing car 1

Back in Missouri where I grew up, every night like clockwork, when the Frisco train pulled away, out came the old barking dogs. Even as a little kid I wondered why those barking dogs chased the train, but now I know: that’s just the nature of barking dogs.  

Network marketing is a lot like that. As soon as you pick a company that suits you and start building momentum, out come the barking dogs: the negative parent, the whining spouse, the untrained scientist with expert opinions, the cross-line person from the other company, the list broker who never built squat—all BARKING DOGS.

 Ignore them. Keep moving forward and you’ll leave them behind; focus on their barking and you’ll temporarily lose your momentum.

Barking dogs chase trains. Let ‘em bark. Let’s roll!

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Your Best Year in Network Marketing Mark Yarnell

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