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Way to Grow, Network Marketing Pros!

direct selling growth

The global sales force of network marketers and direct sellers reached an all-time high in 2014 with nearly 100 million* people involved! This number is up 3.4% up since 2013.

These are a vibrant and diverse group:

  • Some are entrepreneurs—small business owners building their own businesses
  • Some do direct selling part-time to earn extra income for their families
  • Everyone involved gains new skills, new friendships, and greater self-esteem
  • Most contribute to the charitable organizations their companies are involved in.
  • Many were customers of the products before they became representatives.
  • Some choose to enjoy the discounted products and decide not to sell, at all.

Retail sales hit record highs of US$ 182.8 billion* in 2014. The steady growth curve continues with an annual growth rate of 6.5% for the period from 2011-2014.

Top 10 Markets*:
#1 USA                  19% of global sales
#2 China                17%
#3 Japan                9%
#4 Korea                9%
#5 Brazil                 7%
#6 Germany           5%
#7 Mexico              4%
#8 France               3%
#9 Malaysia            3%
#10 UK                   2%

Regional Sales*:

Asia/Pacific:                               45%
North America:                          19%
South/Central America:            18%
Europe:                                       17%
Africa/Middle East:                      1%

*WFDSA figures for 2014

About Direct Selling Industry Research
Direct Selling industry business results are compiled from an annual survey of companies in all member countries of the WFDSA, and from research-based estimates for all other countries. For complete WFDSA Sales & Seller and Sales by Product Category Reports, go to:




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